Spawn, Storm, Green Lantern(John Stewart). I loved and collected all these comics as a kid because I could relate to them, they looked like me and  majority of people around me. But when I found Black Panther it was over, you read it and felt like you were black panther. I mean, I wanted to move to Wakanda.

I’m going to confess. I have watched the trailer to this movie over 30 times and taken in every visual, cultural and social element presented in it; needless to say I can’t wait to watch the movie on the big screen. The sound track is very heavy on the beat so if you don’t like your music at over 110 beats per second then you may want to skip this one. Ohh, Black Panther is going to kick some butt and this Black Panther movie can’t wait to show it’s cousin – pink panther how to represent itself.

Black panthers are beautiful and rare, that is why this movie coming at this time in our society with all the craziness going on is a fresh take on how society could look at things from a fresh perspective.

Here are some quick facts about panthers

  1. Panthers are solitary animals, having their own territory and not allowing any other panther close. Mating season is the only time females let males come close and then it’s back to being solo.
  2.  Unlike other cats of wild, panthers like to swim, with their preferred habitat being flooded forests and swampy wetlands. They swim recreation-ally, and can spend a significant portion of their time cooling off, swimming, playing and relaxing in water.
  3. Panthers are strong animals, they kill their prey and sometimes lift the heavy animals on to trees.
  4. Panthers are called “ghost of forest” because of their quickness and stealth. You do not want one of these cats creeping up on you.

I’m going to see this movie by myself. Maybe because I may cry or maybe because I do not want any distractions lol, no screaming, no nothing. I have waited all my life for this and I’m going to soak it in. By. My. Self. The big screen better not Freeze 😉

Tell us what you think Black Panther means to you?



Movie Trailer by Marvel
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