30th August 2016, GRM Daily released a brand new music video for RIOS MOB

member IamTerrier titled – ‘Perfect.’ Following on the SoundCloud success of this

joint, IamTerrier brings out the visuals on GRM DAILY. IamTerrier delivery is raw

and unique: ‘I took your shit I wont bring it back, I took your girl I wont bring her

back’ Both the lyrics of the song and the video are raw and authentic which makes

it worth the replay. The video was filmed and directed by BoxMotion.


1st September 2016, RIOS MOB member Mike Ray released his anticipated

single ‘Hypnotise’ on his SoundCloud (Mike Ray.) Highlights of this song include the

harmonies which feature as the transition between the low pitched and high pitched

chorus, the ability to sing in more than one octave and catchy flow on both verses

and hook.


5th September 2016, RIOS MOB member Lecs Blvck released his new single

‘Dead Line’ following the success of he’s previous song ‘Right Now’ on his

SoundCloud. The third instalment in the saga of Lecs’s love tunes is certainly one

to remember. In ‘Dead Line’ we find that Lecs is always in his zone when it comes

to a slow jam. He’s so natural and honest when it comes to lyrics and flow ‘Catch

me with my Woes trying build a base’. Another MUST LISTEN.

Instagram @Lecs_Blvck | @MikeRayMusic | @IamTerrier

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