Joji Releases New Single “Will He”

George Miller has disclosed a new song under his Joji stagename, entitled "Will He." His past music has tapped into laid-back, piano-driven melodies, and this single is no different. A wispy piano line floats amongst skittering percussion as Joji lays down his tuneful vocals, in line with his other recently released songs. Contrasting with the imposing single artwork, the delicate song is indicative of Joji's upcoming releases. Speaking of his forthcoming output, the artist reveals, "... t..

Google’s Pixel 2 is hiding an old-school menu button

Google has a bit of a throwback tucked away in the Pixel 2. Depending on the app, you can access the old-school Android menu button by tapping in the lower righthand corner of the screen, as spotted by Android Police. As you'll see in the video embed...

‘Women of NASA’ Lego set available starting November 1st

Back in March, we reported that Lego would make a "Women of NASA" set, which was submitted to the Lego Ideas competition by MIT deputy news editor Maia Weinstock. Now, the set is finally ready. It will be available November 1st for $25/€25.

Zero’s latest electric motorcycles can recharge in an hour

Zero Motorcycles' electric bikes can be fun to ride, but recharging is another matter entirely. It's tough to wait hours when all you want to do is go back on the open road. That shouldn't be such a problem with the company's just-introduced 2018 mod...

Black Ink Crew Chicago Exclusive Sneak Peek: Phor In Booth With...

On tonight’s episode of #BICC, Phor is off up inside the studio with #LHHNY’s Jhonni Blaze??? Whaaat? Tune in tonight @ 9PM ET/PT on VH1 for the return of #BICC.

So, That’s A No? Girl Sidesteps Her Dude’s Marriage Proposal [Video]

Dididid… Dididid….Damn! (In Fabo Voice)

#MeToo: Gold Medal Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney Reveals She Was Molested...

Image via Getty McKayla Maroney Accuses Dr. Larry Nassar Of Sexually Abusing Her The sweaty, slimy and sexually abusive Harvey Weinstein scandal has set off a wave of women coming forward to share their harrowing experiences on social media via the hashtag #MeToo. “Me Too” began as a creation of Tarana Burke back in 2007 in an effort to support sexual abuse survivors. McKayla Maroney rose to fame in the 2012 London Olympics when she won both gold and silver medals. She also became virally pop..

Travis Barker Surprised His Son With A Lil Pump Performance For...

Getty Images Lil Pump Performed At Travis Barker’s Son’s Party Blink-182 star Travis Barker threw his son a massive birthday party to celebrate turning 14, and he surprised him with a very special Lil Pump performance. Lil Pump himself just turned 17, so him and Barker’s son Landon aren’t too far apart in age. Lil Pump took the stage at the crazy backyard party, which included over 100 guests that helped to ring in Landon’s 14th year. Not only did the now 14-year-old get to watch a performanc..

Burrtiful Black Luhhh: Funniest Memes From Gucci & Keyshia’s Icy Extravagant...

the gods of glo up need to bless me like they did to Gucci Mane — STUNNA 🦇 (@LILAFRIMANE) October 18, 2017 Hilarious Gucci & Keyshia Mane Event Memes There’s nothing like Black love, especially when it’s lavishly burrtiful like Gucci & Keyshia’s star-studded Mane Event that lit up the skreets, shattered the internet and elevated trap romance to breathtaking new heights. Now why would you go and waste all that good aluminum foil? #TheManeEvent

A Black Woman Started The Original ‘Me Too’ Campaign Against Sexual...

Source: YouTube The original creator of the “Me T..

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